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You’ll find out more about me by reading Dames Of Chance; but here’s a few additional things I think I should share…

I’ve been writing online for a number of years. Getting paid to write, online or off, is another form of gambling, really. *sigh*

I’ve worked for / been paid by b5media, Constant Content, Text Brokers and a number of other sites now digital ashes, with the bigger bucks being given to me when I gave up my byline. I’m not such an ego freak that I need to see my name in print or pixels, or even my pen name thus; but I do hate to see what’s done to and with my words. And I know they made more money off them in the long run than I have, so…

No longer satisfied with the meager peanuts tossed my way — while being at the mercy of what others would do with my content, I’ve decided to toss up my own site and see if I can catch a few more dollars for my kitty — by talking about what interests &/or upsets me. Maybe inspire a few other girls to enjoy the gambling lifestyle. That would be cool. *smile*

This would not have been possible without the assistance, wisdom, support and advice of Deanna and Laura of U.P. To The D.L., and their marketing consultation services. If you’ve considered starting your own blog or website — or if you have one and feel you should be getting more pocket change from it, I highly recommend you contact them about their services.

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