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Housewives Playing Bridge

Suburban housewives playing a game of bridge; 1942 Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Not According To Hoyle

Pretty much everyone who has an interest in playing cards has heard the expression “according to Hoyle“. Edmond Hoyle’s writings also included backgammon and chess, but Hoyle was best known for his written works on the rules and play of … Continue reading


How To Play Texas Hold ‘Em Infographic

Texas hold ’em (also known as hold ’em or holdem) surged in popularity the 2000s, replacing seven-card stud as the most common game in U.S. casinos. Proof of the game’s popularity came in 2006, when a high-stakes Texas Hold’em poker … Continue reading

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Ann-Margret, Lady Luck

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Poker Odds Vs Life Odds Infographic

This infographic provides the odds of the cards you’re dealt in poker and then compares them to real life things. For example, the odds are 1 in 509 that you’ll be dealt a flush (5 non-sequential cards of the same … Continue reading

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As Usual, A Lady Gambler Draws A Crowd

A lovely vintage photo of a woman playing Faro. Like Lady Luck herself, she draws a crowd of men. This authentic vintage casino photo is for sale from Hard Times Ranch.


Sex In The Cards?

Theda Bara apparently just heard the news that women gamers have more sex. Still of Theda Bara from Carmen (1915).


The Ultimate Guide To Blackjack Terms & Hand Signals

If you’ve always wanted to play Blackjack or Twenty-one and beat the dealer at the most widely played casino banking game in the world, but felt too intimidated or just too darned overwhelmed by what appears to be a a … Continue reading

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Playing Cards & Praying Cards For Girl’s Nights

Lingerie blogger A Slip Of A Girl has her own girlie playing cards for sale. Also in her shop, are these kitschy nuns on playing cards. Both are on sale — 50% off with code MAGICALSALES at checkout. Sale ends … Continue reading

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Playing Card Corsets

I found this image awhile ago, but no credits or instructions on how to make it… However, it seems to be as easy as it looks; just sew playing cards together to “suit” your needs. *wink* If you’d prefer corset … Continue reading

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