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Gambling On The Real Game Of Thrones: Betting On The Royal Baby Bump

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are expecting their second child. In the UK, bookmakers have already gone about setting odds for this latest momentous event for William, the … Continue reading

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Men, Casinos Are Betting The Pretty Employees Will Screw You Out Of Your Money

Speaking of those scantily clad casino waitresses… I would like to draw your attention to a pair of studies done regarding men’s reactions to pretty and scantily clad women. In the 2003 study, the finding were that “pretty ladies make … Continue reading


Scantily Clad Casino Employees: Sex Sells, Right?

Have you ever wondered why casinos often employ scantily clad waitresses? I’m not making this up as some sort of feminist attack or even a complaint. Many casinos, like the Rio in Vegas, do more than appear to vie for … Continue reading


Black panties with white screen printed uterus underwear

See on Scoop.it – Fashion & Other Girlie Gear Black big knickers made of a mid weight cotton with lycra with a white screen printed uterus on the front. They are finished off with a black See on www.etsy.com

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Playing Cards & Praying Cards For Girl’s Nights

Lingerie blogger A Slip Of A Girl has her own girlie playing cards for sale. Also in her shop, are these kitschy nuns on playing cards. Both are on sale — 50% off with code MAGICALSALES at checkout. Sale ends … Continue reading

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Playing Card Corsets

I found this image awhile ago, but no credits or instructions on how to make it… However, it seems to be as easy as it looks; just sew playing cards together to “suit” your needs. *wink* If you’d prefer corset … Continue reading

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Dames, Enter To Win A Glam $100 Shopping Spree

Lingerie blogger Slip of a Girl has a contest to win a $100 shopping spree at ShopBop. If I won, I’d blow the whole gift card on the Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris Push Up Bra — because if that … Continue reading

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When What You Bring To Vegas Isn’t What Stays In Vegas

What could be more brilliant to bring to Las Vegas than this vintage red nightgown with “Las Vegas” embroidered on it?! It also has embroidered travel stamps for “Monte Carlo” and “Palm Springs” too. Just remember to pack it back … Continue reading

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Adults Gamble; Adults Have Sex

In 10 of the most unusual room amenities in Vegas, RenĂ©e LiButti begins with the “unusual” idea of intimate items provided by Love Jones at the Hard Rock Hotel. I’m not sure I find such “room service” options an unusual … Continue reading

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Solitaire Won’t Be Solitary For Long!

It’s annoying o be playing a game of solitaire and having someone over your shoulder, telling you what moves to make. …But if you are tired of playing alone, dressing like this will put an end to that. *wink* Via.

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