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Don’t Forget The Kitty

An antique postcard that reminds you to take care of your kitty — the chips make it clear that it’s your gambling kitty.

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Shop It To Me Sale Mail Alerts

If you haven’t already heard of Shop It To Me, let me enlighten you. You sign-up for free, select the items you’re looking for — from brands, stores and sizes (for women, men and kids too), and then they’ll send … Continue reading

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Furry Coin Purse For Your Gambling Kitty

Few people are as superstitious as gamblers; we have “lucky” everything. So a coin purse isn’t only essential in a practical way of holding onto one’s change — it’s essential for good luck. Most gamblers have a lucky coin purse … Continue reading

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What’s A “Kitty”? Why So Many Of Them?

I should probably start here with a clarification of the use of the word “kitty” as I’ll be using it a lot here, and in varying ways. Strictly speaking, most gamblers know a kitty as the money in “the pot,” … Continue reading

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