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Pat Morrow On Academy Awards Odds

Pat Morrow, head oddsmaker of Bovoda, was on MSNBC’s The Cycle this week talking about the Oscar odds. It was rather interesting — but when I tried to find the video, I had no luck. (At first I thought it … Continue reading

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If Only Voters Were As Serious As Gamblers About Presidential Elections

Yes, you can bet on presidential elections. And gamblers betting on the election have a pretty good history of predicting the next US president. Better than the bulk of polls and surveys, in fact. Experts say part of the accuracy … Continue reading

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Place Your Bet, Place Your Vote, Or Both?

From the, “Yes, you can bet on that” file… There are policy wonks, politicos, just plain enthusiastic voting Americans — and every red and blue shade in between. But did you know you can actually bet on politics? Yup, you … Continue reading

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Is It Too Early To Talk Super Bowl 2015 Odds?

Apparently not. Predictions are already being made and sites like Bovoda already have their odds for the event listed now — and are taking bets on the action. No matter who you trust, the Denver Broncos seem to be favored … Continue reading

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Sheldon Adelson hates email, doesn’t text and wants to stop you from betting online

In February, an attack ad titled “Don’t Let the Games Begin” started popping up in online gambling forums. The ad opens on two shadows shaking hands in… Continue reading

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Will Online Gambling Remain A State Issue?

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has ended its push to legalize online gambling nationwide. According to spokesman Christopher Moyer, “It is not an issue we are focusing on, but rather letting others take the lead.” But, in the same report, … Continue reading

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Online Casino History Infographic

In the space of 20 years, internet gambling has evolved from a handful of disc-loaded, free-to-play games to a global market worth $35 billion a year. A new infographic from RightCasino.com charts this incredible history. Beginning in 1994, RightCasino.com takes … Continue reading

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March Madness Romance

I haven’t paid attention to basketball since the men wore shorts — I mean shorts, not the baggy capri pants they wear now. Back then, I was the nerdy girl who hand wrote the stats and charts for the the … Continue reading

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Congressional ban on all online gaming is wrong for America

See on Scoop.it – Games People Play American families, including children, would be less safe online should Congress ban all online gambling. See on thehill.com

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History Of Gambling Infographic

Trivia may not be your gambling game of choice, but I’m betting some of the facts on this infographic from GluecksSpielSchule.de may help you win a few bets — even if it’s only by chatting-up and distracting those around you. … Continue reading

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