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Psychology Of Gambling Infographic

Another infographic about the psychology of gambling and gambling addiction. Source:VegasSlotsOnline.com

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The Psychology of Gambling (Infographic)

This is your brain — on gambling. Via.

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Women In The World Of Gambling

When one thinks about gambling, whether it be in a flashy casino or on their favorite webpage online, images of masculinity often come to mind. Pictures of scantily clad women dominate gambling web pages and even the shows and entertainment … Continue reading

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What Do The Recent DSM Updates Mean For Gambling Addiction?

I really don’t want to become “the addiction blog,” but when addiction can be a down-side to gaming and gambling and there’s so much in the news… The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (D.S.M.), … Continue reading

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Addictions: The Fix Is In?

As a follow-up to my post on behavioral addictions… In his new book, The Fix, Damian Thompson argues that “the line between consumption, habit and addiction is becoming dangerously blurred.” When future generations look back at the early 21st century, … Continue reading

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Truths (And Questions) About Gambling & Other Behavioral Addictions

You may have read the recent news about “Facebook Addiction” — a subdivision of Internet addiction that pertains to social media use, which, research says, women are more at risk of developing than men because we dames are more social … Continue reading

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What Are Our Odds, Really?

In Scrap The Lotto, David Sirota advocates for leaving the lottery behind because lottery mania has become an obsession. Sirota writes about Americans confusing a lottery with a financial investment; how in desperate times many tend to believe in, or … Continue reading

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Problems Of Gambling: Addiction & Culture

Yes, I’m a fan of gambling; but I’m a fan of gambling responsibly. Gambling, like anything else in life, is a matter of moderation. Treated like any other form of entertainment, i.e. spend only what you can afford to spend … Continue reading

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