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Scantily Clad Casino Employees: Sex Sells, Right?

Have you ever wondered why casinos often employ scantily clad waitresses? I’m not making this up as some sort of feminist attack or even a complaint. Many casinos, like the Rio in Vegas, do more than appear to vie for … Continue reading

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The Growth Of Mobile Gambling Infographic

Mobile gambling has grown a lot over the last two years, with reports of up to 150% growth in mobile gambling services in one year. PocketWinnings.com’s Mobile Gambling Infographic  

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Dames Of Chance Curate

In case you missed it there on the sidebar, I’m now “Scooping” or “curating” articles about gambling, gaming, dating & other things dames take a chance on over at Scoop.It. That doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging here; I’m just … Continue reading

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Women In Gambling, Gaming & Media 2013

Is the lack of gambling sites aimed at women part of the war on women? Certainly 2013 was a bad year for women in all media. Bovada welcomes players from the USA and offers an all-in-one wallet with sports betting, … Continue reading

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Sexism In The Gambling Industry

With all the talk about sexism in gaming, I think it’s time to discuss the sexism in gambling. Everyone knows that the number of female gamblers are increasing, just as it is in gaming; but where are the casinos, online … Continue reading

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Gambling Radio News

In December, Casino City Gang’s BlogTalkRadio show was discussing online gambling in New Jersey as well as some other gambling news from around the world. Every week there’s a new show (and it’s not really as local-sports sounding as the … Continue reading

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Women In The World Of Gambling

When one thinks about gambling, whether it be in a flashy casino or on their favorite webpage online, images of masculinity often come to mind. Pictures of scantily clad women dominate gambling web pages and even the shows and entertainment … Continue reading

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A Safe & Award Winning Online Casino Site

Have you been looking for an online casino that offers classic games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, Craps, and Bingo? Maybe you just want to put your toe in, begin your gambling fun with silly, but easy to understand, … Continue reading

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We Won’t Have Another… Or Will We?

In shocking news, TMZ reports that I’ll Have Another has been scratched from tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes — and the horse has been retired; due to an injury, the beauty may never run again. (More details here.) Thus ends dreams of … Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars: Tonight’s Odds

If you’re no longer satisfied simply voting for your favorite star, why not bet on them before they dance tonight? Here are the current odds:

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