Other Ways Vegas Tries To Take Your Money

The free booze and party mentality might make you overlook a few things when in Las Vegas, so let me open your eyes to a few things to help you save more of your money — so you can lose it in the casinos, where it belongs. *wink*

Most ATMs inside the casinos charge you big fees — on top of whatever your bank already charges. I recall one machine asking me to agree to a $5 charge! It seems crazy for them to charge me so much for money I’m just going to turn over to them anyway… It just shortens the time I can play. My advice: Bring plenty of cash and, when you need more, head away from the Strip to find a cash machine. (This is also quite often true of the ATMs at your local casino as well.)

In-room Internet charges are often ridiculously expensive. Personally, I’ve never even thought of bringing a laptop along on a weekend gambling trip, but many people do. If you’re one of those who can’t make do a few days without your Internet access (or can’t make do with your phone apps), Vegas Chatter has some free WiFi location options.

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