Las Vegas Dreams Of Yesteryear

I spend time dreaming of being in Las Vegas back in it’s heyday… Not that Vegas isn’t fun now. But there’s something more cool and glam about Vegas back in the day. It’s for that romantic reason that I collect vintage Las Vegas stuff — not the “good” expensive stuff, like vintage casino chips or big ticket and big space-taking items like signs, but old booklets & brochures, advertising stuff, coupons, and other ephemera.

Vintage Airways Las Vegas Booklet

The old paper has more than cool graphics, but, as it was held in the sweaty hands of some excited traveling gambler, it’s absorbed the hopes, fears, and anticipation of some other person…

That person was feeling all the things I feel today — only they were probably dressed far nicer. *wistful sigh* And they had their own individual problems, hopes, plans… They certainly saw different shows (as this schedule from 1967 shows). But we are united across the decades by our desire to beat the odds. At more than the gaming tables too, I bet.

May 1, 1967 Vegas Show Sheet From Airways

Vintage Las Vegas Map From Airways Brochure

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