Messed Up Systems In Horse Racing

Writing about the Kentucky Derby last week really messed-up my system. Because I had fancied Union Rags’ name, I decided I should take that as my “gut” and bet on him; which you likely know by now was a bad choice. *wink*

However, it was a glorious and exciting race to watch — and there was the bonus of such an emotional jockey. I loved seeing Mario Gutierrez win in his derby debut — and loved seeing how much he appreciated the chance to ride and adored his horse even more. Something straight out of one of the old horse story books I’ve read!

The downside of all this, however, remains the fact that I didn’t stick with my system for picking the winners of horse races. But there’s still the Preakness.

So long as I don’t look at anything else online between now and then.

We’ll see how that goes…

But even more messed up than a horse-loving gambler’s superstitions, are these facts about the current state of horse racing.

It would be nice to pretend this isn’t real. To bury my head in the turf and just listen to the hoof-beats, or avert my eyes and just watch the gleaming coats of horseflesh. But that isn’t what a real horse lover ought to do. And it isn’t what a lover of horse racing or any gambler should do either. We need to be educated to the problems so that we can be part of the solutions — even if that means not patronizing, betting, or participating where the demons are.

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