Will Online Gambling Remain A State Issue?

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has ended its push to legalize online gambling nationwide.

According to spokesman Christopher Moyer, “It is not an issue we are focusing on, but rather letting others take the lead.” But, in the same report, AGA President Geoff Freeman hinted at the wide and heated dissent among the association’s members, saying, “[T]he AGA Board, including members on all sides of the issue, collectively agree that the right role for its trade association is to advocate for the many issues that unite our industry.”

As you might expect, the AGA is trying to place all their chips in a winning spot. Jim Murren, head of MGM Resorts and AGA Chairman, is a supporter of online gambling. But he says, “I don’t want the AGA to find itself mired in a tremendous amount of controversy and infighting. I have no interest in engaging in a fight we cannot win financially.” Apparently, they see this is as an issue in which they are not the house and therefore not so likely to win.

Just how this will affect the legal federal battles regarding online gaming in the USA and online casino history is yet to be seen. What are you betting will happen next?

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