How To Behave In Casinos

In order to enjoy your time at the tables, here are some dos and don’ts for casino behaviors. These tips will keep you from making you look like an annoying idiot and/or getting booted and banned.

Do: Be friendly to dealers and other staff; they deserve respect and kindness.

Don’t: Ever pretend you’re friends, wink and flirt, or act as if you have some “insider protections”; that can get you escorted to the door.

Don’t: Even joking about entering any employees-only or restricted areas may result in you leaving through whatever door casino staff shows you.

Don’t: Play head games with the dealers; that’s not how you beat the house.

Do: Dress for the occasion; even dress for attention, if you’d like.

Don’t: Dressing like any casino employee, even a waitress, can get you attention you won’t like.

Don’t: Wearing any disguises, wigs, etc. which might mess with the casino’s facial recognitions software will mean people won’t see you at the tables — you’ll be kicked out.

Do: Mind your manners.

Do: Drink out of a cup or drinking glass. Dames don’t drink directly out of bottles — not because it’s not classy, but because there are rules about bottles in casinos.

Do: Expect party-crashers. If you’re winning, you’ll draw a crowd. Win big and, no matter how unfair it seems, you can expect not a welcome committee from the casino but an exit one.

Don’t: Be a poor sport. Whether you’re losing, or just think you’re funny, don’t ask for proof of legit tables and equipment. Don’t wave your Hoyle’s rules book about, demand the croupier measure the roulette ball or wheel, or otherwise scream there’s a scam. Assaulting or insulting anyone in the casinos can get you the strong-arm to the door. That includes swearing, by the way.

Do: Keep your hands to yourself, your own belongings, your own chips.

Don’t: Do not touch or reach for any chips besides your own. Even if those chips belong to a member of your party who’s hair is being held away from her face by another while she pukes in the restroom. Instead, ask the dealer for help collecting her chips.

Do: Keep your ID on you at all times.

Don’t: Bringing an over-sized purse, carry-on, or tote bag into the casino can have casino security sending you and your bag packing.

Don’t: No photography is allowed in any casino. That’s one way what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. *wink* Since nearly every cell phone and tech gadget has a digital camera, it is advised that you turn your phone and toys off and keep them in your pocket or purse when at the tables. Even if you’re only watching. Blackberrys, cell phones, pagers, or other electronic gadgets are only safe to turn on and/or display when you’re out of the casino.

Don’t: Children are like cell phones: They may exist in casinos, but they not at gaming tables, sports book, slots, etc. So don’t ask hubby to bring the kids to meet you for dinner at the slots or the children will watch you get a scolding as you are all escorted to family friendly areas.

Don’t: Even with a concealed weapons permit, no weapons are allowed in casinos.

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