Problems Of Gambling: Addiction & Culture

Yes, I’m a fan of gambling; but I’m a fan of gambling responsibly. Gambling, like anything else in life, is a matter of moderation. Treated like any other form of entertainment, i.e. spend only what you can afford to spend and make sure it’s only a part of your life, gambling is fine. But it would be remiss of me not to mention this blog on the subject poverty, casinos, and minorities: A Black Woman’s Reflections on Casino Gambling. Of particular note is this post on addressing gambling through therapy:

Last month, I mentioned that I found a site that offered gambling therapy online while it also actively promoted gambling. Well, as it turned out, that site, which really is a UK based gambling site, was doing what most casinos do: offering help to clean up the mess of gambling addictions after the damage has been done.

In the United States casinos are required to set aside a fixed amount of money to fund gambling hotlines and to post in the casinos and on their advertisements the number to call to get help. For most people, it is much too late. By the time they reach out for help, they are in deep financial trouble and emotional distress and usually don’t know where to turn, since there are so few facilities or counselors trained to deal with gambling addictions.

Recently, someone mentioned an online gambling therapy group that is not in cahoots with the gambling industry. This gambling therapy site is connected to the Gordon Moody Association, which provides residential treatment for compulsive gamblers. Gordon Moody is in the UK; the gambling therapy site is international and apparently is moderated by gambling addiction counselors.

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