Lady Golfers With The Balls To Change The Game

I don’t normally discuss golf here; other than considering it a “game” and not a true “sport”, or puttering around at mini-golf with the kids, I have no thoughts on it whatsoever. However, I can’t let this vintage box of Lady Diana Pastel golf balls go without a comment.

Vintage Golf Balls For Women

From the 1960s, these balls are “Color Coordinated To Suit Your Game.”


While not admitting lady golfers requiring more fashionable golf equipment to match their outfits (Aren’t men the one’s to go more silly over golfing apparel and paraphernalia?!), the box verbiage touts that ladies just need more of a mental edge for their games:

The colors are Pink, Yellow, and Blue. The box says – Spiritual (Pink), Sunny (Yellow), Serene (Blue). The brand is burke, DIV. OF VICTOR GOLF, MORTON GROVE, ILL. 60053, $15.00 DOZEN. COLOR COORDINATED TO SUIT YOUR GAME!

Gotta love the sexism. Or, more precisely, I love mocking the sexism. I hate living with it.

Via Herstory.

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