Unfair Dating Site Ad

Just saw one of those annoying Match dating site commercials again. I find them so infuriating because they boast about how they’re responsible for more marriages than any other dating site. Oh yeah, Match? That’s easy to do when you refuse to help gays and lesbians.

While sites like Chemistry are open to such match-making, every happily committed lesbian and gay couple sorta throws the number off because, for the most part, they are unfairly kept from getting married.  So, what your boasting really means, Match, is that you’re  celebrating your prejudiced and discriminatory practices. How do you like those numbers now?

You know, I met my second husband, the keeper, online. It wasn’t at a dating site; turns out we were each listed at different dating sites. …I continue to tease him that if he’d only been listed at Chemistry, where the smart cool open-minded people are, that we would have met earlier. *wink*

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