Jayne Mansfield At The Roulette Wheel In Vegas

Jayne Mansfield plays roulette in Vegas, 1958; photo by Frank Worth.


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Will Online Gambling Remain A State Issue?

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has ended its push to legalize online gambling nationwide.

According to spokesman Christopher Moyer, “It is not an issue we are focusing on, but rather letting others take the lead.” But, in the same report, AGA President Geoff Freeman hinted at the wide and heated dissent among the association’s members, saying, “[T]he AGA Board, including members on all sides of the issue, collectively agree that the right role for its trade association is to advocate for the many issues that unite our industry.”

As you might expect, the AGA is trying to place all their chips in a winning spot. Jim Murren, head of MGM Resorts and AGA Chairman, is a supporter of online gambling. But he says, “I don’t want the AGA to find itself mired in a tremendous amount of controversy and infighting. I have no interest in engaging in a fight we cannot win financially.” Apparently, they see this is as an issue in which they are not the house and therefore not so likely to win.

Just how this will affect the legal federal battles regarding online gaming in the USA and online casino history is yet to be seen. What are you betting will happen next?

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How To Play Texas Hold ‘Em Infographic

Texas hold ’em (also known as hold ’em or holdem) surged in popularity the 2000s, replacing seven-card stud as the most common game in U.S. casinos. Proof of the game’s popularity came in 2006, when a high-stakes Texas Hold’em poker replaced baccarat as the game central to the plot of Casino Royale.

A glamorous Bond film is a long way from the game’s casino origins. When hold ’em first hit Vegas in 1967, it landed at the tables on the saw dust covered floors of the Golden Nugget Casino. The Nugget was the only casino in Las Vegas to offer the game for a number of years. Now, however, Texas hold ’em is in the spotlight. Thanks in no small part to the 2003 World Series of Poker championship victory by online-qualifier Chris Moneymaker.

If you’ve wanted to play this variation of the standard card game of poker, here’s a neat little “how to” infographic developed by Bet Clic.

View original

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Online Casino History Infographic

In the space of 20 years, internet gambling has evolved from a handful of disc-loaded, free-to-play games to a global market worth $35 billion a year. A new infographic from RightCasino.com charts this incredible history.

Beginning in 1994, RightCasino.com takes you through the formative years of the industry, to the global boom at the turn of the millennium, down the doldrums of America’s retreat from internet gambling and up to the present day.

Learn how a tiny Carribean nation made internet gambling a reality, discover how the industry bounced back despite losing two thirds of its player base in 2006 and find out how social media is currently changing the way we play.

This fascinating journey through the history of online casinos demonstrates the incredible evolution of online casinos since their inception.

A History of Online Casinos
© 2014 RightCasino.com

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Yes, You Can Bet On Dancing With The Stars

So far, there have been few surprises in season 18 of Dancing With The Stars, and the current odds show it

The current odds for Dancing With The Stars Season 18 are:

Meryl Davis 7/4

Amy Purdy 5/2

Charlie White 3/1

Danica McKellar 10/1

James Maslow 10/1

Candace Cameron Bure 15/1

Cody Simpson 20/1

NeNe Leakes 25/1

Drew Carey 33/1

I personally think Candace should be up above James, but that’s just me.

However, the standings are likely to change as ABC tweaks the series this week with a first-ever switch-up week. In the DWTS switch-up, Americas voted to mix and match the celebrity and professional dancer pairings (but still keeping to the one celebrity with one pro partnerships). We’ve been told this will just be temporary, with the celebrities returning to their professional dance partners the following week. (But no one is holding their breath that this won’t be done again!)

You can place your bet online for who you think will win the dance competition right here.

As for betting on whether Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are dating, well, no chance to bet on that just yet. *wink* (It sure feels like something is going on there; but those Chmerkovskiy men are charming and certainly know what to do to draw female fans in!)

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy near kiss on dwts

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Bet On Who Will Replace Letterman

Think you know who will replace David Letterman as the host of the Late Show? Mashable says it’s likely to be Steven Colbert. Put your money where your mouth is and bet on it!

bet on who will replace letterman

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Antique Paris Gamblers

Antique illustrations of Paris gamblers by caricaturist Georges Goursat SEM. Available here.

Georges Goursat SEM Paris gamblers at the turn of the century

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Romantic Antique Poker Chips

Aren’t these the sweetest little vintage poker chips?! Antique embossed clay poker chips featuring Cupid’s Kiss, in red and ivory; via newport44.

red cupids kiss romantic antique clay poker chip

antique clay poker chip

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March Madness Romance

I haven’t paid attention to basketball since the men wore shorts — I mean shorts, not the baggy capri pants they wear now. Back then, I was the nerdy girl who hand wrote the stats and charts for the the men’s varsity basketball team in high school. (Hey, it helped me get on the jock radar and I ended up dating the captain of the team — not my high school team, but it was still aces!) However, I’ve long since hung up my basketball interest — except for when it comes to helping girls meet guys.

Now that March Madness aka The Big Dance is in full swing, I strongly suggest that women pay a bit of attention to basketball.

march madness 2014

The NCAA Tournament dominates the attention of North American males, so single ladies who want to participate in interactions with men should pay a bit of attention to college basketball. Wise women, including the married variety, will not pretend to have an interest in something they do not; however, there is a simple way to garner some male interest this time of year: make a bet on the college basketball tournament.

You don’t have to know a whole lot about the sport, or bet a lot, to make things interesting. Just pick a team and make a bet that you can accept losing. And then talk about it! Cheer and groan along with the televised game and your passion will attract interest. Let’s face it, betting on anything makes you more interested in it. And whether you truly understand the whole bracket thing or not (someone will be more than happy to educate you anyway), whether you just picked a basketball player’s name that sounded familiar, or whether you picked because you like the team’s name or mascot, you’ll soon find yourself rooting and hooting along with the rest of the sports bar crowd.

Don’t forget to make some side bets with the men you meet, your male buddies, your husband, etc. Those bets can be far more interesting… The loser pays for drinks, buys dinner, has to put out the garbage — or just had to put out. *wink* Yes, these bets can be far more interesting. And even harder to lose! But don’t forget to make a cash bet on the tournament, or several bets on some of the series of basketball games, for it’s the combination of you putting your money where your mouth is and being passionate about cheering on the games that gives you — and the guys — something to talk about!

You can bet on the March Madness — and get a 50% bonus — online here.

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Congressional ban on all online gaming is wrong for America

See on Scoop.itGames People Play

American families, including children, would be less safe online should Congress ban all online gambling.

See on thehill.com

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