Gambling With Santa

Some cool and customizable Christmas gifts for the card playing folks in your life…

Retro Masked Santa Toy Ought To Be Dealt With
Retro Masked Santa Toy Ought To Be Dealt With by kindnessofstrangers
Check out other Santa Classic Playing Cards at
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Original Caesars Palace Paintings Up For Auction

On November 17, 11 paintings previously created for the Poker Room at Caesars Palace will be auctioned off. The 11 paintings by LeRoy Neiman are from the 1980 series The Girls of Caesars Palace and feature women in casino scenes. (Yup, in the 80s we still called grown-ass women “girls”.) For the past 30 years, the paintings hung throughout Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Now you can have all the female icons of the past (big hair, sexism, and all) right in your own home.

Roulette Dealer Girls of Caesars Palace painting

LEROY NEIMAN  lifeguard The Girls of Caesars Palace

vintage retro casino art Slot Change Girl

vintage retro Cigarette Girl The Girls of Caesars Palace painting series 1980

vintage LEROY NEIMAN painting Baccarat Dealer Girls of Caesars Palace 1980

Cocktail Goddess The Girls of Caesars Palace

80s hair LEROY NEIMAN painting Dealer  Caesars Palace painting

You can view all the offerings — and place bids online — here.

PS Also in that auction, Neiman’s Dancers in the Koutoubia Palace, Tangier, 1969.

Dancers in the Koutoubia Palace

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Housewives Playing Bridge

Suburban housewives playing a game of bridge; 1942 Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Place Your Bet, Place Your Vote, Or Both?

From the, “Yes, you can bet on that” file…

There are policy wonks, politicos, just plain enthusiastic voting Americans — and every red and blue shade in between. But did you know you can actually bet on politics? Yup, you can.

Right now, you can bet on who will be the President of the United States of America — in 2016. Well, since we don’t exactly or officially even know the candidates at this moment, you’ll be betting on which political party will take the Oval Office. Currently the odds favor the republican party.

bet on which political party will take oval office in 2016

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Does Playing Video Games Affect Human Behavior?

Students from Assumption College are conducting research know if playing video games can affect human behavior. You can participate in the survey here.

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What Are The Odds Of You Betting On DWTS?

alfonso-ribeiro-witney-carson-dancing-with-the-stars-season-19Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars begins tonight! Diehard fans will be watching, of course, no matter who is on the show. But what I want to know is how many of you bet on who will win? I mean it’s one thing to have your favorite celebrity on the show and root for them, but completely another to place money on them… Sometimes the heart wants what it wants; but the wallet always wants the win! So do you bet? Or are you too conflicted?

The other thing I want to know is when you’ll bet. Do you read the cast list and place your bet as early as you can? Or do you wait to see how your favorite fares… Maybe even wait to see them leave before you gamble on the remaining cast? Or do you just wait until the semi-finals or other late week and choose from who is left to win the dancing competition television show?

These are the current standings:

Alfonso Ribeiro 3/1

Janel Parrish 5/1

Antonio Sabato Jr. 6/1

Jonathan Bennett 7/1

Lolo Jones 7/1

Sadie Robertson 9/1

Bethany Mota 10/1

Tavis Smiley 12/1

Randy Couture 15/1

Lea Thompson 20/1

Betsey Johnson 33/1

Michael Waltrip 33/1

Tommy Chong 50/1

Personally, I think they are greatly underestimating Lea Thompson, Betsey Johnson, and Tommy Chong. Yeah, I know we they are older; butĀ Alfonso Ribeiro’s no spring chicken…

Plus, Thompson’s danced on stage, Johnson’s done cartwheels across them, and Chong, well, he always has a trick up his sleeve! I guess my heart’s on my sleeve because these are my top three to watch going into the new season of the television show.

lea-thompson-artem-chigvintsev-dancing-with-the-stars-season-19 betsey-johnson-and-tony-dovolani-dancing-with-the-stars-season-19 tommy-chong-and-peta-murgatroyd-dancing-with-the-stars-season-19

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Gambling On The Real Game Of Thrones: Betting On The Royal Baby Bump

celebrity news gamblingUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are expecting their second child.

In the UK, bookmakers have already gone about setting odds for this latest momentous event for William, the second in line to the U.K. throne, his wife, and their first born, baby George. Bookmakers Ladbrokes is in favor of a boy, at 4:5 and the odds that they’ll have a little girl are even money. Current odds here in the US are currently split even.

But don’t just think you can gamble on the gender of the baby; there are other things to consider in this game of baby-bumps as well.

Along with gambling on the the baby’s weight, you an bet on whether or not Kate will give birth to twins. And, of course, you can bet on baby names too. In the UK, they are going with James as the most likely, at 6:1 odds, with Arthur, Elizabeth, and Victoria tied for the second most probable, each given 8:1 odds. At my favorite celebrity betting site, Elizabeth, James, and Victoria are all tied for most likely names, at 10:1 odds.

If you’re not into betting, but do like games (and this one just may involve real thrones!), here’s some food for fun speculation: 8 ways the second royal baby could change history.

Celebrity Betting, Movie and TV Star Odds at Bovada Sportsbook

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Trumping Through Tarot Cards: Collecting & History, Part One

Called Boris Kobe’s Tarot Cards*, these cards date from 1945, when Kobe, a Slovenian architect and painter, was a political prisoner at the Allach concen


Part Two is here:

See on Scoop.itGames People Play

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Is It Too Early To Talk Super Bowl 2015 Odds?

Apparently not. Predictions are already being made and sites like Bovoda already have their odds for the event listed now — and are taking bets on the action. No matter who you trust, the Denver Broncos seem to be favored — as do my beloved Green Bay Packers. Teams like the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville’s Jaguars (despite the optimism) appear on the bottom of every list I’ve seen. Of course, it’s football, man-not-machines, so who can really tell yet… That’s what makes the game — and betting on it — so exciting.

Football Futures Betting Bovada Online Sportsbook superbowl 2015

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Not According To Hoyle

Pretty much everyone who has an interest in playing cards has heard the expression “according to Hoyle“. Edmond Hoyle’s writings also included backgammon and chess, but Hoyle was best known for his written works on the rules and play of card games. However, in the 1940s (or thereabouts), premium advertising company Brown & Bigelow produced a play on the Hoyle name and slogan with their “Not According To Hoyle” playing cards. These cards, with their silhouetted female form on the front, hinted at “breaking all the rules”.

not according to hoyle

The cards inside featured a risque pinup, who appears to be losing her bra in a game of strip poker.

vintage pinup playing cards

These are not the only such risque cards ever made. Not by a long shot. There are vintage playing cards featuring naughty illustrated pinups, like Vargas, all the way to retro playing cards featuring photographs of lusty, explicit nudes. I think I like the “Not According To Hoyle” strip poker cards best of all though. You?

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