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Adults Gamble; Adults Have Sex

In 10 of the most unusual room amenities in Vegas, Renée LiButti begins with the “unusual” idea of intimate items provided by Love Jones at the Hard Rock Hotel. I’m not sure I find such “room service” options an unusual … Continue reading

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Superbowl Rundown

Has it really been that long since I’ve posted here? Ah, well, that’s the holidays for you — and the gamble readers have with a blog done for love, not money (I don’t get paid to show up! lol) I … Continue reading

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Problems Of Gambling: Addiction & Culture

Yes, I’m a fan of gambling; but I’m a fan of gambling responsibly. Gambling, like anything else in life, is a matter of moderation. Treated like any other form of entertainment, i.e. spend only what you can afford to spend … Continue reading

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Sexism In Casinos Explained?

Connecting our love of fashion and the “girls aren’t good a math” issue… BUST Magazine covers the news that a new report says girls feels they must choose between femininity and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): By analyzing institutional … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Dreams Of Yesteryear

I spend time dreaming of being in Las Vegas back in it’s heyday… Not that Vegas isn’t fun now. But there’s something more cool and glam about Vegas back in the day. It’s for that romantic reason that I collect … Continue reading

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Bad Changes In Las Vegas

There have been two big changes in Las Vegas since my first trip there… And I don’t particularly care for either of them. First of all, the food used to be incredibly cheap in Vegas. Not quite as fab as … Continue reading

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Unfair Dating Site Ad

Just saw one of those annoying Match dating site commercials again. I find them so infuriating because they boast about how they’re responsible for more marriages than any other dating site. Oh yeah, Match? That’s easy to do when you … Continue reading

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Gods Playing Poker

Gods Playing Poker is an online comic — more about philosophy, culture, etc., than poker. As the creator says: How often have we all sat around wondering what would happen if Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Quetzalcoatl, Muhammad and C’thulhu sat around … Continue reading

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